Gain back control of your data analytics.

Publishers/business owners/agencies love to disagree, but almost all of them will say they have an uneasy relationship with Google.

They can’t fully trust a business that they say isn’t completely transparent about how it makes money from their audiences. Few are brave enough to act on those concerns, not when they’re so dependent on Google for ad revenue. Every so often, though, a publisher will feel they have no choice but to make a move.

That’s the reason for setting up an ethical alternative to Google Analytics™. In a world where privacy is in the forefront of many peoples minds due to hacking, data leaks, to Apples new app privacy policy. It’s a service that people/businesses want to have control over. We are realising more day by day, how much data is openly shared around. Well, it’s time for change.

Gain back the control & protect your online privacy with an alternative to Google Analytics™ with our realtime data statistics solution. It’s fully compliant with GDPR, PECR & CCPA, so you can be assured your data is in secure hands. Created & hosted in the EU, powered by renewable energy.

Sick of those pesky cookie popups? (we all should be).

If you use our service and it's the only tracking you use, you can now remove the popup. Hallelujah (it’s about time).

Simple easy to use analytics solution

Pricing Plans

Everybody get’s a free 1000 page views per month and will for life. There are different ethical pricing options that you can signup to on monthly or anual price plans which can be upgraded at any time, when required. Remember the data collected is yours, which you can download at anytime. (Why should you have to share it with large corporations?)

Each account can have as many websites as you like (great for digital marketing agencies). The page views are shared with all domains tracked.

For large corporations with high traffic flow up to 10 million views per month can get an account for $299.99 dollars per year (a 17% discount compared to the monthly option).

Ethical Pricing for all user needs.

With each paid account, you get a free 14 day trial.

Event Tracking

Events can be tracked using the pa.track() JavaScript function.

The pa.track() function accepts an object as the argument. The object must contain a key named name.

Additionally, value and unit keys can be included to be tracked.

Event Tracking

Developer API

You can access remotely to gain look after your accounts/statistics & websites in your account.

Accessable API

Whats stopping you?

Sign up free TODAY and see for yourself how easy it is to re-claim you online privacy and that of your customers and visitors.

We look forward to working with you.



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Cookieless Data Analytics

Cookieless Data Analytics

Helping reclaim online privacy with cookie-less data analytics.